TRIBOLOGY Laboratory

This facility is equipped with tribometers for investigating the friction/wear behaviour of metallic materials, either in bulk or after surface modification. Pre- and post- testing microstructural characterisation is carried out by the equipment of the Metallurgy Lab.



  • block-on-ring (ASTM G77, dry sliding at room temperature, unidirectional motion)
  • ball/pin-on-disk (ASTM G99, lubricated or dry sliding up to 800°C, unidirectional or reciprocating motion)
  • scratch test for single-/multi-pass tests and assessment of practical adhesion of thin hard films (ISO 20502) or cohesion of thermal spray coatings (ISO 27307)



  • micro-scale abrasion tester (UNI-EN 1071-6, 2- or 3-body abrasion, in aqueous suspension of abrasive particles)

Laboratory staff: Antonio Agostani, Iuri Boromei.