Consistent with their scientific and teaching function, universities may provide the following services to public and private bodies

  • Commissioned research and training
  • Consulting
  • Fee-based services

through contracts and agreements. As a rule for such activities, which are not part of the university's institutional duties, the interest of the principal takes precedence. Work commissioned by third parties must be governed by a contract stipulated between the autonomous structure and the institution, where the basic conditions of the cooperation are agreed to.

The Department of Industrial Engineering has equipment in its laboratories for carrying out characterisation tests on materials and machine components, hardware and software for multiphysical product and process simulation, and instrumentation for chemical and physical analyses.

DIN is the ideal partner for companies wishing to undertake research and development projects with university support, thanks to the skills of the researchers in its 15 research groups, which work on subjects ranging from Technical Physics to Applied Mechanics, from Industrial Applications of Plasmas to Fluid Machines and Machine Construction.

This cultural diversity makes it possible to address issues that require a strong interaction between resources from different research fields. Even if the research/consultancy contract is stipulated with a single entity, having a multi-disciplinary team offers an immediate benefit for the commissioning company.

The Department's commitment to exploiting research results through the creation of spin-offs is also part of its Department and Society activity in the Business sector.

Rate Table

The Rate Table shows the fees charged by the laboratories for routine tests.

The administrative procedure to be followed is as follows:

  1. The Customer may request a quotation for the performance of the tests by sending an email to the address of the Contract Manager identified in the Rate Table. The Contract Manager concerned shall send a numbered and dated quotation to the Customer indicating the costs of the tests and any additional conditions of supply beyond those described in the Rate Table.
  2. The tests indicated in the Rate Table are carried out subject to acceptance of the quotation sent by DIN. Acceptance of the quotation must be addressed to the DIN Director and must be complete with all documentation and technical information relevant to the performance of the service. Acceptance must be drawn up according to the templates available in the "Documents" box (Form A for requests from external bodies, Form B for requests from other university bodies) and must be sent exclusively to