Administrative services

Administrative-management manager:  Ilaria Pagliarini

 Activities reporting directly to the head of administration and management:

- Administrative and accounting support to research and internationalisation activities, in particular in the preparation and management of research project budgets, in monitoring and reporting and in financial audits.

- Support and advice for the preparation of receivable contracts and agreements with external parties, ensuring compliance with the university's rules, regulations and guidelines, particularly with respect to intellectual property.

- Management of document flows and incoming and outgoing mail between the various Department and university campuses and between the Department and the outside world.

Personnel: Daniele Delfiore, Giuseppe Marchiggiano, Salvatore Messina, Natalia Rossi and Anna Stermieri. 

Administrative services consist of:

- Budget Management and Procurement Office (third-level organisational unit)

- Office for Personnel Management and Support to Bodies (third-level organisational unit)


Budget Management and Purchasing Office

 Person responsible: Marina Schininà

 Main activities:

- Support for the planning, management and monitoring of the budget allocated by the university and of the Department's own revenue, and management of all the documentation arising therefrom.

- Accounting, fiscal and administrative management of receivable contracts.

- Support for procurement planning and accounting, fiscal and administrative management of purchases of goods and services in accordance with the university's rules and regulations.

- Accounting and administrative management of payable contracts for the procurement of goods and services.

- Administrative and accounting management of real estate and movable property (e.g. inventory of equipment, acquisition and management of donations, loan agreements for the use of space and equipment, etc.).

- Inventory management (GEMMA application for stationery, etc.).

- Replenishment of the bursar's fund in accordance with national and university regulations.


Personnel: Elisa Bentivogli, Patrizia Grandi, Maurizio Muratori, Lia Pallotti,  Luca Palmonari and Cinzia Vigarani.

Personnel Management and Support to Bodies

Person responsible: Roberta Rizzolo

Main activities:

- Administrative management of faculty and researchers (e.g. absences for health/maternity reasons, accidents) also with regard to the preparation of documents (e.g. extra-institutional assignments, etc.) and coordination of activities for confirmation of tenure.

- Administrative management of technical and administrative staff (e.g. time management, meal vouchers, communications to administration offices).

- Management of the administrative, accounting and fiscal aspects of other contractual forms for the selection, stipulation, execution and conclusion of employment and training relationships (e.g. research fellows, graduate students, researchers on fixed-term contracts, scholarships and study awards, etc.) and for collaborations of other kinds (collaborations, professional services, visiting professors and researchers for research, part-time students, etc.) in support of research, teaching and other types of activities envisaged by current law.

- Management of administrative, accounting and fiscal matters linked to the payment of fees, travel, reimbursements.

- Support and advice on the preparation of agreements with external parties for the funding of doctoral scholarships, fellowships, research grants, fixed-term research posts and internships.

- Support to the Bodies, both for constitution and renewal electoral processes and for the conduct of the meetings (e.g. preparation of the agenda, processing of cases, minutes, etc.).

- Management of the electronic register and archive.

Personnel: Marina Balduini, Michela Marchionni, Francesca Montanari, Simona Montecucco and Maria Luisa Testoni.