NUCLEAR ENGINEERING Laboratory - Montecuccolino

Historical photo of the entrance to the Montecuccolino Laboratory
Historical photo of the entrance to the Montecuccolino Laboratory

Various experimental research and numerical modeling activities are carried out at the Montecuccolino Laboratory.


The Montecuccolino Nuclear Engineering Laboratory is located on the hills south of the city of Bologna, from whose center is just a few kilometers away.

Built in 1962, the laboratory was founded above all to promote studies in the field of nuclear reactor engineering, thanks to the collaboration between the University, Enea and Agip Nucleare.

Today, it carries out diversified activities which, in addition to the classic ones on safety and reactor physics, include other aspects such as computational thermo-fluid dynamics, radiation protection and plasma physics.

  • History

    The Montecuccolino Center was founded in the early 1960s from the collaboration between the School of Specialization in Nuclear Engineering of the University of Bologna, CNEN and Agip Nucleare, a company of the ENI Group.


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